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The North York Company is committed to providing you with the best products and services possible. Transparency over how we collect, safeguard and use your information is of paramount importance to us. The North York Company has developed this Privacy Policy to give you a clear understanding of our privacy practices, including how we process (e.g., collect, use and store) your personal data, for what purposes we may share such information, and your rights and choices with regard to controlling your personal data. 


We understand that you care how information about you is collected, used, and shared. This Privacy Policy describes the information we may collect about you directly or indirectly, how and why we may collect, use and share your information, and the choices you have regarding your information. As more fully described below, we collect, use and share your information to better serve you and to improve our own business processes. By using our websites, mobile applications, or facilities, or by providing information to us in other ways, you agree to this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy only applies to the information processed by The North York Company and its affiliates or any third parties acting with our authorization (collectively, "The North York Company", "we", "our" or "us"). It also covers information provided to us by third parties about you. We also receive information about you from the brands and companies we own or control (our “subsidiaries”), including: DigiPRO Media Group; EYB Cosmetics; Fierce, Fabulous and Beyond; Infants, Toddlers and Beyond; Ngage!; and PoweredUP Gaming. We may also provide information about you to our subsidiaries, and when we do, this Privacy Statement also describes how our subsidiaries collect, use and share your information.


If you are a resident of a state or territory of the United States of America this Privacy Statement applies to you and your personal information, except for the sections captioned “YOUR CALIFORNIA PRIVACY RIGHTS” and “YOUR NEVADA PRIVACY RIGHTS” unless you are a resident of California or Nevada, respectively. If you are a resident of the State of California, the section captioned “YOUR CALIFORNIA PRIVACY RIGHTS" applies to you and your personal information. If you are a resident of the State of Nevada, the section captioned “YOUR NEVADA PRIVACY RIGHTS" applies to you and your personal information.




WHO WE ARE. We are The North York Company and we control processing your personal data. This means that we are responsible for how your personal data is processed and protected.


WHAT WE USE YOUR DATA FOR. The North York Company uses your data, collected online or through other digital means, and among other purposes, to respond to your inquiries and feedback.


WHY WE USE YOUR DATA. The North York Company uses your information because we have a genuine and legitimate interest in responding to your inquiries and embracing your feedback.


WHO WE SHARE YOUR DATA WITH. The North York Company shares your data with service providers who provide us with assistance or support, these companies are in The North York Company group or third-party providers, both inside and outside Canada’s territorial jurisdiction.


YOUR RIGHTS. You have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data. In certain cases, you are also entitled to other rights, such as, for example, to object to us using your data, or to the portability of your data, as explained in depth below.


WE USE COOKIES. This website uses cookies and similar devices to facilitate your browsing on this website, understand how you interact with us and, in certain cases, to be able to show you advertisements in accordance with your browsing habits. Please read our Cookies Policy to understand with greater detail the cookies and similar devices that we use, their purpose and other information of interest.




The North York Company encourages you to read our full Privacy Policy to understand in depth how we will use your personal data and your rights over your data. In this Privacy Policy, you will find all relevant information applicable to The North York Company’s use of your and the use of our clients' personal data, regardless of the channel or means (online, phone, commercial mail or e-mail) that is used to interact with us.


The North York Company is transparent about what we do with your personal data, to help you understand the implications of the way in which we use your data, and the rights you are entitled to in relation to your personal data:


  • The North York Company permanently makes available all the information included in this Privacy Policy to you, which you can review as necessary, and in addition;


  • You will also find further information on how we use your data as you interact with The North York Company.




Your personal data is controlled by:


The North York Company

North York, Ontario, Canada


The North York Company (“We” or “Us”), is the Controller of the personal data we collect. This means that The North York Company is responsible for processing and protecting the personal data we collect.


For inquiries concerning your personal data, please contact us at:




The North York Company processes your personal data depending on the purpose for which it was collected, which will be, in general, based on each case, as follows:


  • your identity data (for example, your name, surname, language and market from which you interact with us and contact data)


  • transactions information (for example, any information that you provide us on your purchase, returns, etc.)


  • connection and browsing data


When we require you to fill in your personal data to gain access to functionality or service of this Website, certain fields are required to provide the service or to give you access to certain functionalities. If you decide not to make such personal data available to The North York Company, you will not be granted access to those services or functionalities.


The North York Company processes your personal data for the following purposes:


  • To respond to requests you make through Corporate and Customer Contacts channels. The North York Company will only process the personal data that is necessary to manage your request or application.


  • To analyze the usability and quality of this Website to improve our services. When you access our Website, The North York Company informs you that we treat your browsing data for analytic and statistical purposes, i.e., to understand the manner in which users interact with our Website. This allows us to improve our Website, as well as, address any feedback for improvements that, as user, you might submit to us.




The legal terms on which The North York Company are permitted to process your personal data depends on the purpose for which we process it, as explained below.


Corporate and Customer Contacts:


  • The North York Company has a legitimate interest in responding to your inquiries and feedback; therefore, we have the legal right to process your personal data to adequately respond to you.


  • When you contact us, in particular, for the management of your order or general services of our brands, which we provide through one of the companies operated by The North York Company group, The North York Company has the legal right to process your personal data to perform the duty set forth in such agreements.


  • When your consultation is related to the exercise of your rights on which we inform you below, or to claims on the products or services of The North York Company brands, we are legally permitted to process your data for compliance with our legal obligations.


Analysis of Usability and Quality:


  • The North York Company has a legitimate interest in analyzing this website’s usability and the degree to which users are satisfied. We also believe that processing this data is beneficial for you because the purpose is to improve the user’s experience on this website and provide a higher quality service, as well as to address the feedback that you, as user, recommend to us.




The North York Company will generally process and store your data based on the purposes for which we process that data, as explained below.


Corporate and Customer Contact Data:


  • We will process and store your data for the time necessary to maintain communications with you in good faith.


Usability and Quality Control Data:


  • We will process your data occasionally for the time during which we proceed to carry out a specific quality control actions or surveys or until we anonymize your browsing data. We will also process and store your data as necessary time to address your feedback.




To achieve the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we share your personal data with the brands of The North York Company and to third parties that support the operations of our company and services that we provide you, for example:


  • technological service providers,


  • providers of customer support related services.


For service efficiency purposes, some of these providers are located in territories outside of Canada that do not offer a level of data protection comparable to that of Canada and the United States of America. In such cases, we inform you that we intend to transfer your data with adequate safeguards to safely protect your data.




The North York Company is committed to keeping your personal data confidential and to ensuring that you may exercise your rights. You have the right to request from us the data we maintain about you, at no cost. Simply contact us at informing us of the reason for your request and the right that you wish to exercise. The North York Company will request a copy of a document evidencing your identity. You have the following rights:


  • To request access to your personal data that we store.


  • To request that we correct the personal data that we store. 


  • To request that we delete your personal data because it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to keep processing or storing it, as we have explained above, or when we are no longer legally permitted to process or store your data.


  • To request that we limit the processing of your personal data, which entails that in certain cases you can request us to temporally suspend the processing of the data.


  • To object to processing or storing your data where the processing or storing of your data is based on our legitimate interest.




This website and our mobile applications contain links to third-party websites or webpages to which this Privacy Statement does not apply. Your use of a linked website or webpage will be governed by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and other Terms, Notices, and Policies set forth on or referenced in those linked websites or webpages.




The North York Company does not intend to collect personal information from anyone who is under the age of thirteen (13). If you are under the age of 13 you should not provide any personal information to us. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and suspect he/she has provided personal information to us, you may contact us using one of the communication methods described in this Privacy Policy to exercise your rights as a parent or guardian.




This section of our Privacy Policy applies solely to those who reside in the State of California. Under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), you have specific rights regarding your personal information. To exercise your options as described in this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at


The list below describes the types of requests you may make to us regarding information we have collected from you:


  • Request to Know: You may ask us to furnish you with (i) the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you; (ii) the categories of sources from which we collect information about you; (iii) the business or commercial purposes for collecting information about you; and (iv) the categories of third parties with whom we share personal information about you (or have shared in the prior 12 months).


  • Request to Delete: You may ask us to delete any personal information that we have collected from you and to direct our service providers to delete your personal information from their records. After verifying your request, we will comply as further described below, unless we determine that there is a lawful basis for retaining the information, including because the information is necessary to: (i) complete a transaction or perform a contract between us; (ii) ensure security; (iii) debug or repair errors; (iv) exercise a legal right; (v) comply with another law or a legal obligation; (vi) conduct research; (vii) enable solely internal uses that are reasonably aligned with our consumer’s reasonable expectations; (viii) otherwise use the information, internally, in a lawful manner that is compatible with the context in which you provided the information.


  • Opt-Out of Sale: You may request that we not sell your personal information, if you wish, and we will honor your request. You may make such a request by contacting us at


The Nork York Company will make commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate your request within 30 days; however, we may notify you during the initial 30-day period that we will extend the timeframe by up to 30 additional days, if an extension is reasonably necessary in order to fulfill your request. We will fulfill the same “Request to Know” from you up to two times in any twelve-month period, but we are not able to fulfill redundant “Requests to Know” more frequently than that.


The North York Company will not discriminate against you because you have made a request described in this Privacy Policy or otherwise exercised your rights under applicable law. We may offer financial incentives or offer you a different price, level, or quality of goods or services in connection with programs that require you to disclose certain personal information, but only if you opt in to such an incentive program. If you opt in to any such incentive program, you make revoke your consent to share your personal information at any time, as described in the terms and conditions of those programs. 


In addition, California’s “Shine the Light” law permits customers who are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for the third parties’ own direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please contact us using one of the communication methods described in this Privacy Policy, describing your request specifically.




For your privacy and security, and to prevent fraud and other harmful activities, when we receive a request through one of our communication methods, The North York Company needs to ensure that the person submitting the request is the person they purport to be. Accordingly, we may take reasonable measures to verify the identity of the person submitting the request. Initially, we ask you to provide personal information when you submit a request, whether through our interactive web form, telephone number, mail, or other approved communication method. This information will include your first name, middle name, last name, email address, shipping address and telephone number. Providing accurate information that matches our records is necessary so that we can locate the correct information within our systems and service providers, verify the validity of the request, and protect your data.


To verify your request, we may ask you to submit evidence proving your identity. You may submit this information simultaneously with your request (by mail or by using our interactive web form) or after your request. The evidence we may request from you, and the degree of certainty we will be required to reach regarding your identity and the authenticity of your request, will depend upon the nature of your request, the nature of the information we have about you, and your ability to furnish information. For requests of specific pieces of personal information about a consumer, we will verify your identity to a reasonably high degree of certainty; whereas for requests to know the categories of personal information collected and used about a consumer, we will verify identity to a reasonable degree of certainty.


The North York Company will give you options, such as (i) submitting a signed statement and a redacted copy of identifying information (such as a government-issued ID), or (ii) showing your identifying information to our associate at one of our California retail locations. If we ask you to verify your identity, you must promptly cooperate with our efforts so that we can fulfill your request. If you do not comply, your request cannot be fulfilled; and if you delay in complying, the fulfillment of your request is likely to be delayed, and may be denied, as a result.




If you submit a consumer privacy request on behalf of another person, you will be required to demonstrate your legal authority to act on behalf of that person, and we may contact you for verification purposes. For the protection of our customers, you must furnish all information requested and must demonstrate your authority to our satisfaction before we can fulfill your request.




This section of our Privacy Policy applies solely to those who reside in the State of Nevada.


If you are a resident of the State of Nevada, you may request that we not sell your personal information in the future, if you wish, by contacting us at The North York Company will take reasonable steps to verify your identity and the authenticity of the request.




Some browsers used to access the Internet may give you the option through "Do Not Track" settings associated with such browsers to request that a website operator not track your information across its website or other websites. We engage in such tracking in order to optimize and/or customize our services, detect and respond to allegations of fraud, and to otherwise ensure the safety of our customers and website visitors. While we do not currently honor such browser requests, we will not use your information in a manner that violates this Privacy Policy. In addition, you retain the ability to opt out of certain online analytics and advertising activities as discussed in this Privacy Policy.




In the event The North York Company go through a business transition such as an acquisition, merger or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your information may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge and consent that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Privacy Policy, and that any acquirer of ours or that acquirer's affiliates may continue to process and store your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.




The North York Company reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to amend the information contained in this Privacy Policy, at any time, when we consider this appropriate. Should we do so, we will notify you by various procedures through this website (for example, through a banner or a pop-up) or email. In any case, we recommend you periodically review this Privacy Policy.




If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, you can contact us via email at or at the following address:


The North York Company
North York, Ontario, Canada

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