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A company can make things - but it takes a community to change things. We have made it our mission to ensure every member of our worldwide team feels seen, inspired, and empowered. A career with The North York Company is more than a job - it is a source of passion and endless possibility. Together we rise to bring consciously-crafted fashion and products to everyone, everywhere.

Audacity, Creativity, Diversity and Equity
the success of our company that drives our vision


which puts us on a mission to seek and discover the
Pragmatic, Creative and Passionate

Championing Audacity

Championing Creativity

Championing Diversity

Championing Equity

We believe in the potential of our people, that's why we nurture each of our employees so they can boldly navigate their own career path and fulfill their professional aspirations. With ongoing training, mentoring, and career mobility, The North York Company provides the tools needed to carve a varied and flexible career path. We believe in continuously developing bright talent and giving space to imagination; we teach the skills needed and provide the tools for exploring, enhancing and building a sustainable career path. 

Creativity is our strength, we know it is precious and unique. At The North York Company we provide the autonomy and means for our employees to exceed his or her potential. We know an environment of creativity encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship which is inclusive to all. Making sure employees have the time to flourish, a healthy work-life framework is established for personal, professional and creative imagination. Employees are free to express their talent, individually and collectively, regardless of his or her background.

We are committed to diversity in the workplace. We believe in diversity in all its forms: gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and abilities. or any other aspects of identity. Recruiting and retaining a diverse, inclusive workforce, and maintaining a diverse workplace is a strategic business priority that invites and supports development, creativity, fairness and connection to those we serve across the regions where we operate. Diversity improves the effectiveness and success of our organization,  

Our purpose is simple: to build and maintain supportive and inclusive, equitable working environments. So we give all employees access to innovative and inspirational training to shape tomorrow's resourceful, dynamic leaders who will continue driving our bold vision of innovative fashion, products and services. Our business model is championed by creative momentum and a constant quest for excellence, which drives long-term sustainability. We never compromise on the quality of our products and services or our ethics and environmental responsibilities.

The North York Company promotes modern, authentic
and genuine products th
at enables everyone to
express his or her unique personality.

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