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The North York Company is a Purpose-led, Performance-driven and Value-creating organization. Our relentless pursuit of business success is fueled by our desire to improve people's lives and make the world a better place - we don't just make the world's best apparel, footwear and accessories - we are a lifestyle of purpose, promise and endless inspiration and innovation.  

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Find your Path at
The Nork York Company

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/ Teamwork: We grow together. As a team, we solve problems with deeper perspectives and answer questions with open hearts and minds.

/ Curiosi
ty: We're moved by the constant search for different ways of doing things.

/ Sustainability: Our aim is to work in a sustainable and transparent way, with the goal of creating attractive, ethical and quality fashion.

/ Creativity: We are motivated to make our customers happy and we do not put limits on our teams' imagination.

/ Humbleness: We rely on our teams' ability and instinct; we have come this far thanks to the people who have told us where we could improve.

What we offer

/ Opportunities to Grow: When our employees grow, we grow. We've made it a priority to provide the resources and opportunities that allow every individual to learn, advance and develop to their fullest potential

/ Continuous Learning
: In addition to on-the-job training, we provide a multitude of programs to expand your skills and satiate your curiosity, via e-learning, vocational training and language classes.

/ Open Communications: We are a horizontal organization with a flat hierarchical structure. We are committed to collaborative work and empower employees at every level to play a part in our success.

/ Innovative Technologies: From the beginning, we've embraced the latest technology to optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness, which is why we're considered best-in-class among fashion retailers.

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How we are

At The North York Company we believe in people power. Our people are characterized by the highest level of curiosity, motivation and proactivity. Always willing to explore new perspectives and new ways of doing things, our team members are keen to contribute to our collective success with passion and dynamism. Our goal for each of them is to develop their full potential as part of a diverse, creative and innovative team.

Each of us is unique, we are shaped by our cultures, origins, experiences, expressions, identities and many other characteristics. When we come together as diverse groups we cultivate our understanding and respect for what makes us different, to create a workplace of authenticity that empowers all our employees without exception.

Inclusion, equality and respect are essential to allowing each of our employees reach his or her full potential. Gender equality is part of who we are. More than 75% of the careers at The North York Company are held by women, a figure that rises to more than 80% in management positions, and there is no gender pay gap.

We strive to attract the finest talent, tap its full potential and solidify employee commitment by providing safe, healthy, enriching and motivating places to work, coupled with attractive terms and conditions, underpinned by unstinting respect for labor rights. We work hard to build and maintain close, smooth and trust-based relationships.

Are you fearless in the face of a challenge? Are you tenacious? Do you have the ambition and work ethic for a successful career? If so, we want you on our team. We are looking for people with a passion for quality, the drive to make a difference and the desire to shape the future of our business.

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