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Our Governance framework sets the foundation for The North York Company to address pressing social and environmental issues with the urgency they demand. This framework is supported by robust management systems, consistent reporting practices and committed leadership at all levels. Conducting business ethically is fundamental to who we are as a company.


Our Code serves as a pledge we make to operate with the highest standards of corporate conduct worldwide. We value and depend on close partnership, strong collaboration and meaningful engagement with a wide range of stakeholders to design, accelerate and achieve our ambitions for a better tomorrow.

The North York Company's strong commitment to exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of its business and in the relations with all stakeholders is governed by the following rules of conduct, principles and guidelines governing ethics, and environmental and social responsibility practices:

Animal Derived Materials Policy >

Chem-IQ sm Chemistry Innovation & Quality Program >

Chem-IQ sm Substances to Avoid List >

Code of Business Conduct >

Commitment to Eradicate ender-Based Violence & Harassment >

Conflict Minerals Policy >

Cotton Fiber Sourcing >

Facility Standards >

Factory Audit Procedures >

Forest Derived Materials >

Global Compliance Principles >

Global Wastewater Standards >

Green Building Standards >

Human Rights Commitment > 

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action Policy Statement >

Modern Slavery Act Disclosure Statement >

North Korean Labor Prohibition >

Respectful Workplace >

Responsible Recruitment & Anti-Forced Labor Commitment >

Restricted Substances List >

Terms of Engagement >

XUAR Global Compliance >


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