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Our philosophy of ethical improvement is what defines us and inspires us to constantly evolve, innovate and leverage the power of fashion to create positive change in the lives of people, societies and culture at large. Therefore, we go far beyond our legal obligations, and build relationships guided by our commitment to our ethics. 

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We have in place several policies that outlines our unwavering commitment to preventing any form of corruption, fraud, money laundering or illegal financing, and unbecoming employee or supplier behavior. Our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices and our Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers are the cornerstones of our corporate ethics culture and the responsible conduct towards our teams and our supply chain. 


Collaboration is key to our company culture. We are always looking to improve what we do through constant experimentation and careful listening while providing the world with inspiringly beautiful, responsibly made fashion and high quality products. At the same time, we recognize the importance of engaging with all our stakeholders about our progress. Find out more about us, our plans for the future and our achievements.


Sustainability is represented at every level of our governance, from the Board of Directors and the Sustainability Committee to the Executive Team of our Brands and each brand's Sustainability Leads. Altogether, fifty plus members of our staff are involved in the implementation of our roadmap. We continuously review our processes and entire distribution chain to see what mechanism and ideas can be implemented to efficiently improve. 


We welcome and nurture multi-dimensional diversity because we know with diversity and inclusion comes collective intelligence, the fundamental concept that promotes innovation. Our passion is to inspire this audacious, bright talent so it can flourish as innovation leaders - we recognize the value of nurturing new bold ideas. Innovation is key to meeting the targets we've set to address the challenges faced by our industry as a whole.

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Having the right structures and leadership support in place accelerates meaningful change.

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