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Our Model


We create value through beautiful, ethical, quality products with a complete cycle of life. We also act precisely and responsibly in every stage of the product development process - from design and sourcing, to manufacturing, quality control, logistics, and store and eCommerce sales - which is driven by three key pillars: flexibility, digital integration and sustainability. 

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At the center of our business model is the customer. Our success is built on creating beautiful, responsible fashion and products of the highest quality that our customers love, no matter where they find themselves, which offers the best experiences to greatly exceeds their expectations. 



The relationship with our customers is forged in our stores and on our online platforms. Our stores and online platforms are the beating heart of our business, working seamlessly together as integrated commerce platforms. They are where our unique relationship with customers is forged.

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Our designers understand the needs of our customers and recognize that the creation of responsible retail fashion and products begins on the drawing board. They also understand that design demands more than just raw creativity; it requires accuracy, attention to detail, analysis, instinct, insight and empathy.

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Our sourcing of products and raw materials follows the most stringent social, environmental, and health and safety standards. We diligently and make great efforts to ensure that the materials for our products come from responsible and sustainable sources. All our suppliers are required to follow our code of conduct.

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Our products are manufactured with precision and efficiency in an environmentally responsible way to the highest health and safety standards. By always looking to improve the precision and efficiency of our production model, we can offer a huge variety of long-lasting, quality-fashionable, goods.

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Awarded the world’s most respected sustainability certification, our logistics centers are highly responsive and resource efficient. Our system is flexible, responsive, and highly efficient. It is no coincidence that our ceaseless search for greater efficiency ties in perfectly with our all-encompassing commitment to sustainability.

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