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Purpose Led. Performance Driven. Value Creating.

Eight brands with unique personalities united by exclusivity and the freedom to create style and appeal.

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Our business philosophy is based on three key pillars: Flexibility, Digital Integration and Sustainability. We use this approach to uphold our obligations as a company, those imposed legally and those we embrace voluntarily. From design and sourcing, to engineering and quality control, we are committed to manufacturing products with precision and efficiency in an environmentally responsible way at the highest safety and health standards. Furthermore, we act precisely and responsibly in every stage of the product development process, and we are guided by our unwavering compliance pledge, which governs everything we do! The North York Company doesn't just manufacture and distribute the world's best products and offer the world's best services, we empower movements of sustainable and active lifestyles for the betterment of people and our planet.

William Islar


Our diverse portfolio of iconic brands each have a unique personality, created by exclusive design teams who know their customers inside out. These teams are free to develop the styles, fragrances, colors and sass that create the right appeal across a broad spectrum of activities and lifestyles - and all our brands are united by The North York Company’s philosophy - our way of doing business - so you can enjoy every moment, wherever you are...

William Islar

President and CEO

The North York Company


The North York Company

North York, Ontario, Canada M2N ​

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